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Sarena Apparel is a fair practice employer and we do not discriminate on any ground. At Sarena, we are committed to maintaining a CSR System to ensure compliance with our legal, ethical and social obligations and contribution towards Employees, Customers and the Society.
We provide a healthy and cooperative working environment at the workplace; encourage freedom of association and employee participation at all levels and follow National and International Laws and guidelines for Employee betterment.

The C.A.R.E Foundation:

The Cooperation for Advancement, Rehabilitation and Education initiative was undertaken in the late eighties. Since then, C.A.R.E has become widely respected as the provider of subsidized (or free!) quality education and vocational training to the under-privileged children of Pakistan. C.A.R.E is running over 190 schools, attended by 145,000 children, some of whom belong to the remotest areas of the province, and previously did not have access to a school of any kind.C.A.R.E now has chapters in several continents of the world. It is entirely privately run. For more information please visit their website on www.carepakistan.org.

Zaman Relief Trust:

The Zaman Relief Trust was founded in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake of 2005 which hit the north of Pakistan and brought unprecedented loss of life and property. The initial goal was to provide rehabilitation and housing to affected people. Following its success in this area, the mandate of the Trust has expanded to include provision of affordable medical treatment to the under-privileged in Pakistan.