Who We Are


The Sarena, Sefam and Ali Group is a family-owned business concern specializing in the production and retail of textile products. The Group encompasses Ali Embroidery Mills set up in 1972 and currently Pakistan’s largest setup in Schiffli Embroidery machines. Sefam Pvt. Ltd was set up in 1983 as a retailer and holding company and over the years has become Pakistan’s largest textiles retailer with over 400 POS in all major cities and stores in India, UAE, Canada and UK. Sarena is the Group’s production arm. All together, the group employs over 7,000 people and is one of the industry's leaders in quality, technological innovation and ethical practices.


The Dyeing and Finishing Company


Sarena Industries and Embroidery Mills Pvt Ltd was established in 2001 in Lahore, Pakistan and specializes in Dyeing, Finishing and Printing of woven (cotton and blended) fabrics. At 48 Million Meters a year, Sarena is one of the largest finishing companies in Pakistan and has a substantial presence in the EU and North America. While Sarena focuses on the its expertise of producing functional work-wear fabric for its export markets it also has a significant presence in the market for sportswear working with renowned retail brands such as Eddie Bauer, Next, C&A, Lands End and top buying houses all over the world. On the other hand, Sarena’s work-wear fabric customers include Mascot, Elis, BetranCourt, Mulliez, Unifirst, Kubler and many more. Sarena is certified for ISO 9001:9002, ISO 14000, Oeko Tex and ISO 17025 (laboratory accreditation), other than holding EN and ISO certifications for a wide range of functional products for the PPE market.
Recently, with the addition of specialized machinery Sarena is now offering its fashion customers bi-lycras, digital printing, coating and a wealth of other value additions.


The Apparel Company

Sarena Apparel is approved for both OekoTex® and Sedex®.

Since the mid-nineties, the Sarena, Sefam and Ali Group has been running around 1,500 machines in several different facilities to meet a part of its own production requirement for its retail business. Sarena Apparel was formally established in January 2014 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Sarena, Sefam and Ali Group of companies. It follows a major over-haul of one of the group’s existing manufacturing facilities which was entirely dedicated to servicing captive demand for western apparel. The new facility was established with a view to servicing Sarena Finishing Mills’ already comprehensive customer base for full packages. Like Sarena Mills, Sarena Apparel finds its strength in the diversity of its product offerings and is dedicated to the goal of becoming a progressive, technologically advanced, quality conscious and ethical production entity. Our product base includes both woven and knits fabric manufacturing and separate lines for uniforms, sportswear, ethnic wear, tops and bottoms. Owing to the group’s strong history in production, Sarena has the advantage of being able to draw on a wealth of organizational knowledge and support structures to manage its product diversity. In addition Sarena Apparel incorporates the flexibility to service both large runs (for mega retailers) as well as smaller orders for fast fashion or boutique businesses.

With substantial investment in automation and SAP® systems, Sarena Apparel strives to be a standard bearer for best practices and transparency. We believe that we need to constantly improve and upgrade our infrastructure to remain close to the cutting edge and compete with the best in the industry. Accordingly our machines are sourced from amongst the most reliable brands in the industry. With a strong focus on quality, we hope we meet your expectations for efficient, transparent and reliable service to your organization. We invite you to come and share our quality experience.